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This is a testimonial for my favorite coffee system, the Keurig 2000 Series 2.0 brewing system. I have been using Keurigs for several years now but recently purchased the K2000 series, one that brews one cup at a time or a carafe as well. I only just tried the carafe yesterday, and both my wife and I love it.

Reasons are as follows.
It is quick and easy. Like the singles, it only takes about a minute to brew a whole carafe, once you push the button.
It uses my own fresh ground coffee. The finer the grind, the richer the flavor.
It is completely recyclable. Just wash the coffee grounds down the drain, or dump them in the trash.
It makes a great pot of coffee.
It is economical. The system costs about $130.00 at retail, which doesn’t include the carafe, and for the quality of the flavor that is a great value.

I also love the feature of dispensing hot water for tea or hot cocoa by the cup or the pot.

If you like good coffee, tea or cocoa, try a Keurig 2000. I believe you’ll love it like I do!

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By floyd123

FD Sutherland is a family man, a Minnesota public school educator, and a self-published author.

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