How About Some Ideas for Used Electronic Devices

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Don’t know if you’re like me with electronic devices, but I bet you’re at least similar. You have at least one, your cell phone and maybe your tablet, laptop or even a desktop computer. It would be odd if you didn’t have a television set and you may have several. I have two. What about radios, sound systems, CD and DVD players, and these are just a few of the electronics in most of our homes that we use daily.

Now I go to my garage. You may go to a junk room or some other storage place and there they are; boxes–lots of boxes–full of old devices and accompanying parphernalia that you and I don’t use anymore. Look at the list: All the above plus remotes, headphones and earbuds, cable television equipment, boom boxes, tape players, speakers, wires, cords, chargers, etc. There’s also the huge question, “What do I do with this stuff?” Again, if you’re like me you’re saying “Put it in the trash!”

“Wrong answer!” (That’s my wife talking by the way, and she’s usually right.) Most likely, it’s illegal to put electronics in the trash where you live, and it’s at least unethical since all electronics have very harmful elements in them that are bad for the environment.

So what to do with them? Here are some possibilities you may or may not have thought of.

Keep Them. That’s always a possibility, but the reason we are talking about this is because there is some interest in getting rid of them, unless you want to keep adding on to your house. They will keep piling up.

Reuse Them. I’m sure there is a percentage of items that are still usable which you may be able to make work with your new updated lifestyle, but likely a small percentage. You may repurpose them, say, turn them into art projects or something else useful. My guess, there’s not enough time to imagine the possibilities.

Recycle Them. Virtually all electronic devices can be recycled, and there are various ways to do it. Numerous companies will take your used electronics either for a fee, free or even pay you. You can research this in your local Yellow Pages or with an online Google search. Your own trash haulers will most likely have an electronics pickup program for an extra fee, and some electronics retailors will take used electronics free.

Sell Them. While researching, take note of companies that will pay you for your used electronic devices. Some will pay cash or give gift cards for your piles of old laptops, desktops, iPads or phones to refurbish them for the second owner market. This serves two of your needs, getting rid of old stuff and getting paid to get rid of it.

Donate Them. Certain charities will offer to take some of your selective devices such as cell phones, tablets or laptops, and offer you tax-deductible receipts for your donated items.

As Spring 2016 approaches, now’s the time to get your research done and to create a plan to empty out your storage bins of used electronics. So, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Resell! Everybody wins!

Bye for now.


By floyd123

FD Sutherland is a family man, a Minnesota public school educator, and a self-published author.

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