Hey there.

Oh, yeah, music history, that boring subject that music majors in college have to take can be fun for you and your whole family!  Just go to Amazon Kindle and see.  Search my name, F. D. Sutherland and you’ll be led to my new book, my first book, A Door to New Worlds, the first in a series for kids, adolescents and adults about twins from Minnesota who are able to go back and live music history.  They encounter two world famous composers, Ludwig van Beethoven and Antonin Dvorak, and get a musical experience of a lifetime.

So far the reviews are unanimous–kids and adults love it.  Not because it’s music history, it’s live music history, music history come alive.  If you have Amazon Prime and Kindle you can even read it free or you can download it.  If you don’t have Kindle you can order a paperback.  It costs $7.99 and it will be delivered to your home in a short time.

Oh, and please don’t forget to review it.  (It’s easiest to copy and paste the url below.)

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