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Music History Is Fun II

Hi there. Did you know that the great composer Franz Joseph Haydn was buried in June, 1809 without his head?…

A Door to Old Worlds: Now Available on Amazon!

Hey there! Yes, you heard correctly. FD Sutherland’s newest book (Well, actually it’s only his 2nd book, but hey, you…

This Is It!

Hey there! Yes, this is it. This next week I will release my new book, A Door To Old Worlds….

A Door To Old Worlds: F.D. Has Done It Again

Hi there. Yes, F.D. Sutherland has a new book coming out in August 2019. However, you may not have read…

Hey, We’re Back

Hey, there! Long time no see. That’s our fault not yours, but here we are again, just like we said…

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