I’m Writing a Book Part 2

Hey there.

Correction!  I have written and published a book.

I actually did get the book finished and have spent most of my spare time of late getting it published.  If you are interested, use the link below to find it on my author’s page, and I hope you like it.  Please understand that it is a niche book that will appeal mainly to music buffs, educators, children and their parents, but it is useful for everyone interested in the arts.  The title is  A Door to New Worlds by F.D. Sutherland.

I would love your opinion of it especially since it is the first in a series that I am writing and I need as much feedback as I can get.  The series is called The Premier Performances Series and is designed to teach historical facts about great composers and their work.

OK, here’s the link to my author page.  Please copy and paste it into your browser.  Thanks so much for considering my new book.

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Bye for now.