Hey, We’re Back

Hey, there! Long time no see. That’s our fault not yours, but here we are again, just like we said we would.

What’s happened since the last blog? You first. …

OH, guess that’s putting you on the spot. We’ll go first.

The reason we’ve been gone so long is that we’ve been trying to get our second book out.

What? You didn’t know we had a first one? Well check it out on the link down below. It’s called A Door to New Worlds by our protege, F.D. Sutherland. He’s a bit weird, but he means well.

He wrote this book about some school kids–You did know he is a public school music teacher, right? Well, anyway, kids from Minnesota get to go on this fantastic journey to meet a great composer from the olden days

Which composer, you ask? He is one of the great European composers that also has a Midwest United States connection, Antonin Dvorak (pronounced Divor-zhahk). Dvorak spent the Summer of 1893 in Spillville, Iowa (read the book to find out why) and made a trip to Minnesota for one main reason–to visit Minnehaha Falls which he did on September 4, 1893. That’s where our Minnesota school children, Ellie and Chris Swensen, meet up with him. Again, read the book for the rest of the details. Just click the link below and it will come up.

What? You want to know about the second book? Stay tuned! It’s coming.

Anyway, welcome back and here’s looking to more and more good stuff to come!

Bye for now.