Hey there.

Ever wonder why?  Like why is the sun yellow?  Why do we have to say “Please” and “Thank you?”  One prominent comedian who is in a lot of hot water right now even asked “Why Is There Air?”

My big wonder now is “Why don’t people that you are meeting on the street or in the hall or in the bathroom, etc., look you in the eye so you can speak to them?”  That is such an annoying thing because I want to speak to them or at least nod my head and smile but they won’t let me.

Like the guy I met the other afternoon walking home from work.  I was almost home and he just popped up out of nowhere, and of course I gave him the respectable “look down at the sidewalk until you are almost to him,” and then, at the right time I looked at him and he just looked down at the sidewalk.  Why didn’t he look up at me so I could acknowledge his existence?

Maybe he was acting like me when I don’t want to look at anyone.  It happens occasionally, and I don’t mind admitting that I am in a state of funk that to encourage someone to look at me and acknowledge me would be the last thing I would want.  Maybe that was this guy’s problem.

Maybe he was acting like me and was looking down to try to be respectable and just forgot to look up at the right time.  I suppose I should not assume he just ditched my glance up at him. He may not have even known we were meeting until it was too late.  What if he looked at me too soon and then thought the same about me?

Maybe he was acting like me when I am lost in my thoughts with glorious Wagnerian sounds coming through my earbuds and just am not aware of the presence of someone I’m meeting.  He could have been so engrossed in whatever was occupying his thought processes at the time he was just oblivious.

Maybe he was just like me.  But that makes me ask another question.

Why?  Hmmm.  Better think about this a while.

By for now.